What happens when you type ls -l *.c in the Shell?

Recently, at Holberton School, we were assigned with a project where we create our own simple shell program with a partner in our cohort. The goal of it is to learn all about all the inner workings of a shell.

File System Tree:

This is where files are organized into a hierarchical directory structure, and each directory contains its own files. The system tree when displayed in the terminal is separated by a forward slash “/”. The first directory is the highest directory in that system tree. Each directory to the right…

What is a Static Library?

This is a library where modules are bound into the executable file before execution. It is a collection of object files which are linked into a program during the last phase of compilation (linking phase).

These libraries are commonly named libname.a. As it is known, static libraries end with the ‘.a’ suffix. This suffix refers to archive. Though they aren’t used as often as they once were, they are still sometimes used and relatively simple to explain.

Why use Libraries?

A great perk of using these nifty libraries is execution speed at run-time. Because the…


Great question, GCC stands for GNU Compiler Collection. This is an optimizing compiler that supports various programming languages. One of them being, the C Language that we are currently learning at Holberton School through project based and collaborative peer learning.


Compilation is a very heavy duty process of converting source code into object code. I like to say the compiler saves the day by doing the nitty gritty work while we sit back and watch. It always checks the source code for errors before generating object code. …

“Hello, I am writing you because we’ve been trying to reach you about your cars extended warranty, please proceed with the message and have your banking info on hand.”

Yeah… so if you’ve clicked the suspicious link in your browser and disregarded the advice not to… you’re in luck! This might be the only time you’ll ever receive a small nugget of knowledge from a potential scammer.

I am going to explain in layman’s terms what hard links and symbolic links are, what they do, and the key differences between them.


A hard link is a file that references or…

Bree Browder

Student at Holberton School

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